GMOs & Biodiversity and Sustainability

World GMO production

World GMO production (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The need to retain biodiversity and sustainability is something we must think of for our future generations.  The genetically modified food crops being introduced into our ecosystem are proving to cause harm.  Many scientists are warning the government about detrimental effects of the “built-in” pesticide and herbicide plants available.  Not only do these plants cause weeds and insects to adapt and become super-weeds and super-bugs they are causing damage to the land and may cross-pollinating with food crops that we have worked so hard to create over centuries, killing biodiversity.  Was the corn not already sweet enough?  Did it not feed the community and the farmer as well?  Is this new way of creating food just a plot to increase corporate wealth?

Here I will let you decide…

Genetic Engineering, Food, and our Environment by Luke Anderson (published by Chelsea Green Publishing) is an excellent primer on GMOs.  It gives all the basics on GMOS and has 10 pages of resources (National and International, in print and on the internet).

The Institute for Responsible Technology is one of my favorite websites for up-to-date information on the GMO issue.  They share all the research they can find on the dangers GMO are showing on our health and our environment.

I am even asking you to have a look at the biggest makers of the GMO, Monsanto.  They hold many patents on seeds, as well as make the leading herbicides and pesticides.

The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado brings together community and leadership to drive a new paradigm of sustainability.  It focuses on in promoting values of environmental, economic, and social wellbeing equally.  It provides contact among nonprofit, business, government, and education organizations working on policies and practices of sustainability and creating a sustainable future for Colorado.


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  1. Everyone should wake up and oppose GM crops and foods in their community, this is one of the great threats to humanity and the planet.

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