The Human Body

The human body, the physical substance of the human organism, which is composed of living cells and extra-cellular materials, is complex. It is organized into tissues, organs, and systems, which do a vast variety of “jobs” that keep us going, moving, growing.  It is amazing and many people do not know how the body works (functions) let alone be able to grasp the concepts that are behind (and in) each individual cell.  As a human being, I may share many physical traits with other human beings, but I may also be extremely different.

A Body

one of my many children showing off his muscles for the camera

Every human shares qualities and every human has their own uniqueness.  We are complex beings .  As Dr. Andrew Weill said, “The bottom line is that the human body is complex and subtle, and oversimplifying – as common sense sometimes impels us to do – can be hazardous to your health.”  Here I  share what I have learned about the Human Body.



Physiological homeostasis, big words that means keeping in the body in balance.  The many (11) systems of the body are constantly at work to maintain a balance and keep us in tip-top-shape to go about our daily lives.

Body Works in Balance_ messages from the control center


Cardio-Respiratory System

Travel along with the Biological News Network, as we explore the blood, heart, and lungs of star runner, Iror Neirbo, on an adventure to health.

 A Journey and Battle for Health


Digestion, Circulation, and the Urinary System

Travel along with the Biological News Network, on assignment at the Center for Study of Biological Functioning, as we travel through Mr. Nod Binkins’ digestive, circulatory, and urinary systems after he has consumed an All-American lunch.

A Journey_In_Through_Out


The Nervous System

Sensory neurons, motor neurons, and interneurons… Ganglia, axons, and dendrites… The nervous system is a complex web of pathways that send and receive signals, keeping the body in homeostasis.  This is one of my favorite systems to study and here is a paper explaining the workings of the nervous tissues.

Nervous Tissue

Enzymes are involved in DNA repair and at times dysfunctions in these processes occur due to a flaw in the enzymes. Certain neurological disorders may be linked to problems in DNA repair.  Neurons may repair  DNA regularly but are not replaced by new cells.  Inefficient repair of DNA single strand breaks are associated with ataxia, the loss of coordination of muscles which is controlled by the central nervous system (CNS).

Neuronal DNA Repair Malfunction

Learning, experiencing, and neurogenesis in the hippocampus… Seems heavy but this paper explains how are nervous system can help us at least “think” like we are still young.

Neurogenesis_Cellular Growth and Repair in the Hippocampus



Gametogenesis, the beginning of development of a human being, is an amazing process that can eventually leads to the life of a child.  To find out more about this awesome development check out this paper.

Gametogenesis_the beginning of human life



A primer on DNA and RNA.  With transcription, translation, and replication we are created and maintained by these amazing little codes.

Transcription, Translation, and Replication


Directions, Cavities, and Regions of the Human Body

Have you ever tried to read that printout you leave the doctor’s office and emergency room with?  Everything seems to be abbreviated and words like lateral, medial, proximal, and posterior do not give us a clue to what going on.  The body is described among medical staff with words we do not always understand.  This is my attempt to help clear up some of the confusion.

Where Does It Hurt_The Directions, Cavities, and Regions of the Human Body



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